Updated on June 3, 2022

Kung Fu Online Live Martial Arts Classes Long Distance Learning

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What is involved? The online live interactive martial class is when a martial art coach provides instructions in front of the camera and then live-streamed in real-time to participants. Instead of the students being present in person at the same training area of the martial arts school, they are now receiving instruction in their home living room or private office space presented via a TV or device screen.

Learning from videos, from mp4, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and DVD, is great but, they are all one-way communication; from martial arts teacher to students only. The students are not able to ask questions. Coaches are unable to check on their students’ techniques and provide feedback.

What is interactive - In the context of interaction with another individual, Cambridge Dictionary defines interactive as involving communication between people: example-interactive teaching methods.

Online live classes are interactive so, coaches and trainees from both ends are able to interact with each other, instructors can correct or help refine techniques, clarify movement sequences, etc.

The Bamboo Kung Fu online live interactive martial arts classes are conducted by Bamboo Kung Fu’s certified instructors. The instructors will demonstrate the techniques in front of the camera. You can then follow the instructors’ guidance from your home living room or from your office private space.

Online classes – adult and children’s kung fu

Online adult kung fu class

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Online children kung fu class

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We are offering online classes for adult and children’s martial art kung fu classes. You can access online classes from any location around the world.

Online Essentrics™ classes

We are also offering online classes in Essentrics™. It is a physical exercise program in which, the movements are inspired by Tai-Chi, yoga, ballet. You can access the Essentrics™ program online from anywhere in the world.

Online classes - international time zones

Currently, we are offering online live interactive martial arts classes to participants from all around the world over several time zones. We are able to offer the online live interactive classes in the following or equivalent time-zones/cities:

Coping with COVID-19 quarantine advisory

In the current coronavirus public health crisis, the live online interactive martial arts classes can help you to continue your martial arts practice for health and relief stress. All levels of governmental public health agencies strongly recommended everyone to stay home #stayhome #stayhomeTO.

Most of us are confined to our homes and have limited liberty to move around the city. Additionally, the pandemic's negative news adds to our already high stressed lifestyle. Our online live interactive martial art class is one way to diffuse some pent-up energy during these periods of confinement and help reduce stress in the current crisis. Our certified kung fu instructors lead the online classes. You’ll be able to interact with our instructors and at the same time, you’ll get feedback and necessary corrections in real-time.

If you’re not sure whether the online martial art classes are for you, you can sign in to our online FREE trial classes.

Pros and cons of online live interactive martial arts class


In contrast to in-person classes, which is familiar to most, the online live interactive classes have the following added conveniences:

  • Able to continue martial arts practice - our lifestyles are full of priorities that can impede our training schedule and eventually cause us to discontinue martial arts training. Possibly, major lifestyle changes can affect priorities. Martial arts practice is always placed below other priorities i.e. family, career, etc. The big advantage of online live interactive martial arts sessions allows the sessions to be more accessible, especially eliminating travel time
  • No travel time needed - the classes are streamed via the internet to you while you’re in your living room. So, you don’t need to spend time commuting to the martial art school to attend classes
  • The comfort of your own home - you can follow the classes online in the comfort of your own home. You can feel ideally secured, and comfortable while participating in the classes
  • Great for those who are taking care of loved ones - if you have to be at home and be present for a young baby, you can follow the martial arts classes online
  • You can attend online classes anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. If you’re on a business trip or vacationing away from home, you can attend classes. You could be away vacationing in Bali and you can follow the classes online
  • Social distancing orders from public health agencies - being confined without much movement can be difficult for every one of us. Participating in online live interactive martial arts classes can help relieve some of the stress, reduce anxiety, and burn off some accumulated energy through physical movements - so, movements in martial arts patterns, forms or sets can be done without the need for weights or light and portable equipment i.e. long weapons, short weapons


There are some disadvantages of participating in online classes. Most of the lists of disadvantages are easily resolved.

There may be some setup steps and precautionary steps that you may need to take. The following lists of items may or may not affect you. The following lists are:

  • Need equipment setup, internet - you will need to have high-density equipment and good internet bandwidth. You will need to install an app on your devices - you will need to install a video/web conference app that is available online.
  • Need to schedule your time for the class - you will need to schedule a time for the class and not get interrupted while participating in the online classes so that you can get the full benefit of the classes.
  • Privacy of your home - you should set up your camera to avoid showing the areas or parts of your home that are personal and private to you and your family members
  • Appropriate space needed - You should have a space available, at minimum about 6.5 x 6.5 ft (2m x 2m) for the duration of the online live interactive martial classes. The space environment should appropriate for you to participate in the class i.e. without interruption from other home activities by family members, well-lit. You should have at least enough space to swing both your upper limbs horizontally when they are fully outstretched.
  • Remove all fragile decorative items from the swing sweep of your limbs, if possible
  • Time zone differences - if you are travelling to different parts of the world in different time zone, you may have to participate in classes during the time when every local resident is in bed sleeping
  • Not as "hands-on" learning experience - the contact feel of martial arts training is not as real during online interactive sessions in comparison to in-person sessions with training partners. We can always set up appointments for in-person workshop sessions

How to register for a FREE class

To register FREE class click HERE:

  • 1. Select class then click on the “Register for My Free class” button at the bottom
  • 2. Fill in your name, email, phone number and follow the instructions.