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Kung Fu Online Live Martial Arts Classes Long Distance Learning

Online live interactive martial arts classes in the comfort of your home. Go to kung fu classes without travelling

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LIVE Online Kung Fu-Blind River, Elliot Lake, Thessalon, Bruce Mines

LIVE Online Kung Fu in the townships of Blind River, Elliot Lake, Thessalon, and Bruce Mines in northern Ontario.

Our online classes are cast LIVE from our location in downtown Toronto. Our online classes are Hybrid classes. This means the online classes are run together with in-person classes.

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LIVE Online Kung Fu-Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Pasadena-Newfoundland

If you live in the city of Corner Brook and the towns of Deer Lake and Pasadena in Newfoundland and Labrador, you can join online kung fu classes.

Our student members in the area will be able to practice physical hand to hand martial art / kung fu training with you during the online sessions.

We will be live casting our Hybrid kung fu classes from downtown Toronto

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