Sifu Kin Sze jumping into a scissor kick takedown technique
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Strength ♦ Flexibility ♦ Cardio

Biomechanics ♦ Leverage

🏃🏃‍♀️ Learn Good Physical Habits

for Martial Arts Practice

and Overall Good Health

Children's kung fu performance on stage at David Pecaut Square, Toronto
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✅ Physical & Mental Health

Positivity & Confidence 🧒

🤸 Improve Coordination

Build Good Physical Habits

😄 Fun & New Experience 🙆

Essentrics™ with Genevieve - re-new age backwards rejuvenate
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Natural Movements Flow 🌊

Re-Align Posture

🌲 Re-Juvenate & 🌱 Re-New

💃🕺 Slenderize

Low Impact Movements

Blending the best of old traditions with new biomechanics knowledge
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🌏 East meets West 🌎

Align Modern Exercise Science

with Wisdom of Traditions

Lineages of 2 Masters

and Over 4000 Years History

Targeted approach towards training-identify rehabilitate improve apply
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Targeted Approach 📈

Identify Issues / Barriers 🚫😕

Improve Postural Balance

Minimize Injury Risks

Path to Excellence 🥇

Online kung fu for long distance learning available to international participants
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with 📶 Internet & Devices 📱 🎥


Attend from Any Location 🌐

No Traveling Required


Views of Bamboo Kung Fu locations-downtown Toronto, Scarborough, Markham
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downtown Toronto
(Entertainment District)

Scarborough (Agincourt)

Personal Training

or Online Classes

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Kung fu programs

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Adult kung fu

The adult kung fu program improves your overall fitness and health. The martial art program helps you gain self-defence skills, teaches you biomechanics to maximize leverage and minimize injury risks.   ...More

Children kung fu

The children’s kung fu program improves your child’s physical and mental health. Your child will have improved self-image and confidence. In the path towards adulthood, the Bamboo Kung Fu’s children program teaches your child to develop positive aptitude and good physical habits.   ...More

Essentrics™ - rebalance and rejuvenate

image-Essentrics pose

What is Essentrics™

Essentrics™ is a training program is that helps you get tone and slenderizes your body. The program is a inspired by a fusion of Tai-Chi, ballet, yoga movements. It helps you to build flexibility and strength without having to pump weights. The flowing nature of the movements helps improve circulation in your body, stimulate joint health, builds muscle tone, helps to relieve stress.

Moving your body to the beat of the accompanying music help you get immersed into the dance-like movements. Finally, the smooth flowing, beautiful aesthetics borrowed from ballet help calms you.   ...More

Online Long-Distance Learning

image-online kung fu

Online long distance learning program is for everyone and all skill levels.

The online kung fu program is design so that everyone can participate in our kung fu classes from anywhere in the world. You may have difficulty finding martial art training facility in your area so, learning by long-distance through the interactive online session is the next best option. You may also participate if you want to learn a new technique for application or another perspective in application of the same technique.

Regardless, you can participate the online or virtual sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home. All you need is a reliable internet service and good quality camera and video device.   ...More

History of Choy Li Fut kung fu

Chan Heung
Hung Sing CLF
image-Choy Li Fut kung fu portrait
Tam Sam
Buk Sing CLF
image-Buk Sing Choy Li Fut kung fu portrait

Hung Sing Choy Li Fut 雄勝蔡李佛 kung fu

Choy Li Fut kung fu originated in Guangdong province, China. With its rich history, the Chinese government designated it as a national cultural treasure.   ...More

Buk Sing Choy Li Fut 北勝蔡李佛 kung fu

Buk Sing Choy Li Fut kung fu founder, Tam Sam, created the branch of kung fu that focuses on application and refinement of techniques.   ...More

Soon: Self Defence Workshop - for personal security

image-self defence image

Comming soon: Self Defence program.

We are re-structuring our self defence program to help you better. Stay tuned for more details. Check out our other programs.

Soon: Workshop-private one-on-one training or semi-private for athletic development

image-kung fu technique pose

Customized one-on-one private training or semi-private for elite combat sport athlete. Improve technique through correct biomechanics.

Sifu Kin Sze is an expert in Choy Li Fut kung fu, a stand-up striking type martial arts. A lot of the Choy Li Fut kung fu techniques are similar to kickboxing, sanda or sanshou techniques i.e. the "charp-chui" is similar to kickboxing jabs, or rear cross, the "sau-chui" is similar to hook punches, to name a few. He is knowledgeable in the biomechanics and kinesiology of various stand up striking techniques.

If you are frustrated with a certain technique, perhaps Sifu Kin Sze can help you troubleshoot or diagnose the issues with your movement, gait or technique.