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Kin Sze - Choy Li Fut kung fu instructor & Personal Trainer


Sifu Kin Sze is the main instructor and founder of Bamboo Kung Fu. With 30 years of martial arts experience and various training resumes, he believes in resolving issues before a trainee or student can progress further in improving martial art skills.

He is also a veteran personal trainer and fitness coach with more than 10 years of experience.

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Sifu Kin Sze is the main instructor and founder of Bamboo Kung Fu Schools, with locations in downtown Toronto, Scarborough.

Choy Li Fut martial art practice resume

With a martial arts career spanning 3 decades, Sifu Kin Sze once reigned as one of Canada’s leading Sanshou and traditional forms competitors, receiving a number of awards at national and international competitions, such as the 2001 Canadian National Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing) Team Selection Trials and the 2004 First World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, China.

Sifu Kin Sze is dedicated to promoting the traditional Choy Li Fut martial art style he learned while under the tutelage of the illustrious Grandmaster Paul Chan (1932-2012).

The late Grandmaster Paul Chan was the pioneer of Canadian kung fu. He was one of the founders of the oldest kung fu club in Canada and was inducted into the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2006.


He later went on to further his pursuit of martial art knowledge in Buk Sing Choy Li Fut with Sifu Michael Chan.

Sifu Michael Chan was hand-picked by the late Grandmaster Tam Fei Pang to represent his Tam Fei Pang Buk Sing CLF in All-Hong Kong full-contact fighting competitions in the early 1970s. The well-regarded Buk Sing CLF expert, Grand-Master Kong Hing, nicknamed Sifu Michael Chan 閃電手 or the “Lightning Hands".



Economic recession to the founding of Bamboo Kung Fu

Prior to opening Bamboo Kung Fu school, Kin Sze was an engineer with a major international automotive manufacturer.

In 2008, the economic Great Recession resulted in the closure of many businesses and automotive assembly plants shutting down e.g. at GM Oshawa, Chrysler Brampton, and Ford Oakville manufacturing facilities. In February 2008, Kin Sze was unemployed after being laid off from his engineering position with Magna International, a major automotive supplier .

With the looming tough economic times, Kin relied on his physical training skills from his martial arts training.

With the foundation in physical fitness training, Kin turned his skills to the fitness industry. His journey to the fitness profession began with his return to studies and he obtained his fitness coaching certifications with Can-Fit-Pro and Poliquin International Certification Program PICP.

With accreditations within the profession, he became a full-time personal trainer and fitness coach and offered martial art instructions in kickboxing for fitness and health.

He customized fitness training plans for his clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness coaching


As a certified fitness coach with more than 10 years of experience, he has seen many cases of effects of physical inactivity, improper training practices which cause physical muscle imbalances ultimately, resulting in injuries, and many cases of repetitive stress injuries.

Training philosophy

Sifu Kin Sze’s philosophy is to resolve various deficiencies before one can achieve higher skill levels in Choy Li Fut martial art. He believes having proper techniques and posture helps in minimizing injury risks while practicing kung fu.

With his vast experience and resume of training knowledge, he is committed to applying his knowledge in human anatomy, biomechanics of human body movement, to help his kung fu students to overcome various restrictions towards achieving martial art skills in Choy Li Fut kung fu style.

Kin Sze is currently a Registered Massage Therapist RMT registered with College of Massage Therapists of Ontario CMTO.

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Kin Sze’s CV – Summary

Martial arts journey

1991 started training in Chinese martial art with Hong Luck Kung Fu Club 康樂武舘 under Grandmaster Paul Chan (Hung Sing Choy Li Fut kung fu style)
1999 – 2008 Instructor at Hong Luck Kung Fu Club
2001 National Canadian Sanshou Team Selection Trials, Vancouver, Canada – under 70kg weight class – Silver medal
2003 Canadian Traditional Kung Fu Selection, Toronto, Canada – Empty Hand and Weapons Taolu categories – 2 Gold medals
2004 1st World Traditional Wushu Festival, Zhengzhou, China – Empty Hand and Weapons Taolu categories – Silver and Bronze medals
2005 Sanshou coach to Adrian Balca, Gold medalist – 2005 National Canadian Sanshou Team Selection Trials
2006 Began studying Buk Sing Choy Li Fut under Grandmaster Michael Chan
2006 – 2008 President, Hong Luck Kung Fu Association
2006 Secretary General, Ontario Federation of Chinese Martial Arts Organizations
2008 to current Personal Trainer and fitness coach
2009 to current Founder, President, Main Instructor – Bamboo Kung Fu schools

Awards and Certifications

Sifu Kin Sze receiving 2002 Award of Excellence from Canada Minister of Defence


1996 Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
1999 Certificate Coaching Sanda – Shi Cha Hai Sports School, Beijing, China
2002 Award of Excellence recipient, Canada Minister of Defence, Hon. John McCallum
2002 Awarded rank: 5th Level (Dan) by Ontario Federation of Chinese Martial Arts Organizations 加拿大安省中國武術總會
2008 Certificates in physical fitness training – Can Fit Pro, Poliquin Certification Program
2010 Certificate in Fascial Stretch Therapy – Stretch-to-Win
2020 Diploma in Massage Therapy – Medix College (Toronto)
2021 Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) – College of MassageTherapists of Ontario (CMTO), Toronto, Canada

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