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Martial arts were developed for one thing: combat. Unfortunately, many of today's martial arts schools seem to be more concerned with how you look than how well you can fight.

At Bamboo Kung Fu, we break down the barriers of traditional martial arts and allow you to achieve your full fighting potential through practical fighting experience combined with the essence of kung fu.


Toronto Kung Fu

Bamboo Kung Fu promotes a traditional style of kung fu known as Choi Lee Fut. Originating from the Shaolin Temple, this devastating fighting system was analyzed and modernized to deal with today's fighting scenarios.

While the fundamentals of Choi Lee Fut are still preserved, traditional training methods have been optimized and blended with modern training techniques, many of which are commonly used for elite athletes and Olympians. To round out our unique system, a weight training component has been added to ensure that your body is at the peak of physical and mental performance, as it relates to your ability to engage in combat.

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