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  • Kids learn how to physically defend themselves
  • Kids learn respect.
  • Boosts self confidence and self esteem.
  • Builds strength and power, forming a good foundation for the future.
  • Kids learn how to become less violent. more

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Bamboo Kung Fu has exceeded by far my previous martial arts school. In 6 months at Bamboo my flexibility, balance and strength have increased more than during a year and a half at another school. Bamboo Kung Fu has been an excellent school ...

Matthieu, Downtown Toronto

Feature of the Month

Get your loved ones a gift of better quality of life

Everyone knows the benefits of physical activity to one’s well-being, physically and mentally. Get your loved ones a gift of better quality of life. The gift is priceless.  Read about Marcia’s story about how the physical activity in kung fu classes has helped improved her debilitating joint pains. ” Highly recommended I thoroughly enjoy attending classes at Bamboo Kung […]


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