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  • Kids learn how to physically defend themselves
  • Kids learn respect.
  • Boosts self confidence and self esteem.
  • Builds strength and power, forming a good foundation for the future.
  • Kids learn how to become less violent. more

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Bamboo Kung Fu has exceeded by far my previous martial arts school. In 6 months at Bamboo my flexibility, balance and strength have increased more than during a year and a half at another school. Bamboo Kung Fu has been an excellent school ...

Matthieu, Downtown Toronto

Feature of the Month

練拳不練功,到老一場空 – Lian quan bu lian, gong dao lao yi chang kong

  練拳不練功,到老一場空 (Lian quan bu lian gong dao lao yi chang kong)   The saying is similar to “No pain, no gain” philosophy. Literally, the phrase:  練拳不練功,到老一場空 translates to: Practicing the arts of the fist without putting in effort, manual labour or 功 (pronounced as “gong” in Chinese) in conditioning and drills, upon reaching old age, one […]


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