Bamboo Kung Fu - Ontario & Toronto Lockdowwn COVID19 restrictions

Our kung fu schools are not holding indoor classes in accordance to Ontario Lockdown and Toronto's additional directive COVID-19 restrictions. We will hold outdoor in-person martial arts classes according to regular schedule with physical distancing procedures. We will also continue to offer interactive online live streaming classes . Please book a FREE trial class Now

Kung fu classes outdoors Fall 2020 season

We are holding kung fu classes outdoors at nearby parks in current Fall 2020 season for as much as we can to maximize safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working on plans to address indoor classes. Please check out our FREE trial classes.

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updated on: November 22 2020

Outdoor and Online Kung Fu classes during Ontario COVID19 restrictions

As a result of the COVID19 restrictions of prohibiting indoor martial arts classes in Toronto, we have pivoted to holding outdoor in-person kung fu classes and online classes.

Ontario’s colour-coded COVID-19 Response Framework and Toronto COVID19 restrictions for safe re-opening

Under the Province of Ontario colour coded COVID-19 response framework for safe re-opening and additional restriction measures from the City of Toronto, all indoor fitness which includes indoor martial arts instructions have been ordered to stop holding classes.

Toronto and Peel Region has been placed on Lockdown under the provincial COVID-19 Response Framework regulation. This means it is prohibited to hold indoor fitness classes. This regulation also applies to martial arts schools, prohibiting them from holding indoor martial arts training sessions.

Outdoor kung fu classes

We have pivoted our martial art classes to outdoor training. We are holding classes outdoors to minimize the spread of COVID-19. While training outdoors, all participants maintain physical distancing. Participants are not allowed to have sparring drills, no target mitts or kick pads practice.

Outdoor class instructions for beginner level students are focused on technical training with physical distancing in placed outdoors.

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Instead of physical contact between trainees or instructor, we are using long props extensions to mimic martial art movements for technique exchanges.

Advanced students have been rolled into the long staff training program. Each of the long staffs are at least 6 feet long. So, 2 dueling participants will be kept at distances of more than 12 feet apart.

We are continuing to improvise and adapt in various ways to have all our training viable for all skill levels.

The importance of kung fu training during COVID-19 confinement

Kung fu practice is a self-defence discipline which involves mental discipline, physical conditioning of our bodies. The concerned voices of #quarantine15 are beginning to sound louder as the COVID-19 cases surges upward without any light at the end of the tunnel in sight. With more people electing to stay home and carrying on their work, school lives virtually online, more and more people are becoming more sedentary. The negative impact is starting to weigh on mental health and physical health of many.

Learn more about How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Life – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

It is widely known, deteriorating mental health and physical health can lead to various metabolic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. As the scientific knowledge of coronavirus is evolving, at the time of this literature composition, most people who are in good health who contracted COVID-19 infection may exhibit mild symptoms or may be asymptomatic. However, people who are already suffering from metabolic diseases are more at risk of developing severe symptoms. In any circumstances, nobody would want to contract any form of illness, much less the COVID-19 infection. The long haul effects of post-COVID-19 recovery are always unwanted. Therefore, prevention steps are highly recommended.

Participating in physical exercise program for example outdoor kung fu program is a preventative step towards falling ill and avoid serious complications. Training in kung fu can help improve mental health, fight off stress, relief anxiety, burn off pent up energy. Additionally, the improved physical health helps to improve well – being, boosts immune system thereby helping our bodies to fight off infections.

The additional bonus of kung fu training is gaining self-defence knowledge. As well, skills from martial arts practice can be transferred to other facets of activity of daily living ADL since, kung fu movements are natural and functional.

How to prepare for the fall and winter weather outdoor training.

Canadian winter is cold and sometimes wet with sub-zero temperatures. It is wise to keep your body warm.

Dress warm!

  • 1. Put on toque to cover your head,
  • 2. Have a neck warmer to stop the cold air from getting in through your neck,
  • 3. Wear a good warm winter coat,
  • 4. Put on a pair of warm exercise pants with additional inner layer of thermal wear under the pants,
  • 5. Wear a warm pair of gloves.
  • 6. Wear good pair of shoes with warm socks
  • 7. Avoid getting feet wet.
  • 8. Do not expose body to cold air especially when inner layer clothing is wet with sweat. Zip up and make sure you get home immediately after class and change into dry clothing before you catch cold.

Catching a cold during COVID-19 pandemic is not a good idea because your body’s immune system is weakened by the cold virus and can be susceptible to COVID-19 virus.

Kung fu practice is ~~ “improvise–able” to physical distancing training.

There are many ways of training kung fu that is viable which challenges you physically and mentally. If we cannot have physical human contact, we can get into long weapon contact sparring. Inherently, long staff sparring requires the dueling participants to stay far apart; usually from 12 feet – 20 feet distance apart.

Online classes (due to extreme weather conditions)

In the event of inclement weather; rain or snow, and days of extreme cold temperatures, we will move our kung fu classes to virtual interactive online classes.

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