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updated on: August 08 2017

Tai Chi seminar Toronto (Scarborough) - November 12, 2017

Master Sylvia Wong-Tai Chi sword pose

  • Master Sylvia Wong will be offering Tai Chi seminar in Toronto.
  • Date: November 12, 2017
  • Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Venue: Bamboo Kung Fu - 3400 Midland Avenue, Unit 3, Toronto, Ontario
  • Fee: $49.00

What is Tai Chi

Read more .... What is Tai Chi - info for beginners

Our guest visiting from Vancouver - Master Sylvia Wong will provide instructions about the essential elements of Tai Chi practice in Tai Chi seminar in Toronto.

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Tai Chi Profile - Master Sylvia Wong

Sylvia's specialties are in Tai Chi (both traditional and international competition routines), weapons and Health Qigong. She is always a top player in international competitions and won enormous awards.

Sifu Sylvia Wong's achievements in martial arts field are excellent. She sits on various martial arts boards and also have been on tai chi competitions judging panel. The following are the list of her achievements:

  • 6th Level Wushu Duan Wei (high ranking) - Chinese Wushu Association, China
  • Chairperson - Western Canada Chinese Martial Arts Association
  • Former Canadian Traditional Wushu Team Member
  • Tai Chi and Wushu Judge

Achievements and Awards

From years 2003 to 2014, she won a total 104 medals in total including 89 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze as well as many Grand Champion titles!

2003 - 1st place in Women Tai Chi and 2nd place in the All-Around Champion in the Team Canada Trial in November.

2004 - Silver medalist in Chen Style Tai Chi in the 1st World Traditional Wushu Championship in Zhengzhou, China in October; she defeated rivalries from competitors from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US and Italy, etc.

2005 - Gold medalist in Chen Style Tai Chi and silver medalist in 42 Tai Chi Sword in Harbin 1st International Tai Chi Championship in Hei Long Jiang, China.

2006 - Gold medalist in Other Tai Chi Hand Form and Other Tai Chi Sword in the 2nd World Traditional Wushu Championships in Zhengzhou, China.

2007 - Taiji Grand Champion and 4 gold medals in Yang, Chen, Other Style and Taiji Straight Sword in the 2nd International Traditional Kungfu Wushu Tournament in US.


  • - 2nd place in Women Internal Arts in the International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition in New York.
  • - Gold medalist in Other Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword in the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships in Wu Dang Mountain, China.
    She is the only Canadian team member who won two gold medals that year.

2009 - Taiji Grand Champion in the Legends of Kungfu World Martial Arts Championship in Dallas, Texas.

2010 - International All Around Champion in the USAWKF National and International Wushu-Kungfu Championship in San Jose

Sylvia continues to make breakthrough in the field of Tai Chi and Health Qigong. Her style is unique and elegant; she is able to combine the internal and external power in her forms.

Her performance not only is enjoyable to watch, and inspires others to try!

Awards of her students

Many of Master Sylvia's students have won many awards in multiple prestigious national and international competitions. Some of the prestigious competitions are:

  • Tiger Balm International Championship
  • CanAm Championships
  • Best All Around in Male and Female Tai Chi Divisions in The 7th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition…etc.

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