Bamboo Kung Fu - Ontario & Toronto Lockdowwn COVID19 restrictions

Our kung fu schools are not holding indoor classes in accordance to Ontario Lockdown and Toronto's additional directive COVID-19 restrictions. We will hold outdoor in-person martial arts classes according to regular schedule with physical distancing procedures. We will also continue to offer interactive online live streaming classes . Please book a FREE trial class Now

Kung fu classes outdoors Fall 2020 season

We are holding kung fu classes outdoors at nearby parks in current Fall 2020 season for as much as we can to maximize safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working on plans to address indoor classes. Please check out our FREE trial classes.

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updated on: October 29 2020

Class schedules

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Online Kung Fu schedule

Adult Kung Fu schedule - downtown Toronto and Scarborough

Children Kung Fu schedule - downtown Toronto and Scarborough

Adult and children kung fu schedule - Markham only

WTNB women's self-defence schedule - downtown Toronto only