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updated on: August 12 2019

One on One Personal Training Program with Martial Arts

Bamboo Kung Fu Academy offers a wide range of fitness classes for adults and children. However, group fitness classes, scheduled at set times, don’t work for everyone. At Bamboo Kung Fu, we understand the needs of busy executives who don’t have time for evening classes and the needs of clients who would prefer to work toward their fitness goals in the privacy of their own home or office.

We offer customized, one-on-one fitness coaching in kung fu or kickboxing for:

Either program can also be tailored to incorporate weight training, for maximum impact. Review our one-on-one fitness coaching programs to decide which is right for you. Then, contact us to book a no-cost, complimentary private coaching session that will allow you to experience the difference customized, one-on-one fitness coaching services can make.

What to Expect

When you register for our one-on-one fitness coaching services, you’ll:

One-on-One Fitness Coaching for Busy Professionals

Many of our one-on-one fitness coaching clients are busy professionals or C-level executives. They enjoy the benefits of a regular fitness program. However, their demanding work schedules prevent them from attending evening adult classes. These clients want a fitness program flexible enough to meet their ever-changing needs.

Our experienced, certified coaching staff works with each client to determine their unique needs. Depending on the goal of the client, this may involve basic fitness, stress-relief or improved sports performance. Many of our executive clients are also seeking the mental clarity, improved focus and increased self-discipline that result from learning and applying the principles of kung fu. Once the client’s fitness goals are established, the coach will craft a personalized fitness plan designed to help the client achieve them.

Who might benefit from our one-on-one fitness coaching for busy professionals?The Busy Executive

A high-powered executive, who is first into the office each morning and the last to leave each night, barely has time to get in a healthy lunch. The constant stress of his job is having a toll on his physical health. He realizes he needs to make substantial changes in his diet and fitness routine, but finds it inconvenient to visit the gym or a fitness studio.

Solution:A Bamboo Kung Fu personal fitness coach creates a fitness plan designed to get this exec in top physical shape and relieve stress, which contributes to a variety of health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. They meet at the client’s office or home before work, three times a week. This highly-personalized kung fu practice helps the exec get in top physical shape while also improving mental clarity and reducing his stress level.

The Highly-Motivated Sports Enthusiast

A successful entrepreneur puts most of his waking hours into running his business. The one thing he’s as passionate about as he is about his business is golf. He needs the health benefits afforded by a regular fitness program. More importantly, he wants to improve several aspects of his golf game.

Solution: A Bamboo Kung Fu certified fitness specialist works with the client to help him achieve his fitness goals and improve his body mechanics.They work together to strengthen the client’s core, hip flexors and leg muscles; engage his hips and core during movement; develop more stability in his stance; and smoothly transfer weight from one leg to the other. The client also learns to be more mindful of his thoughts, to keep his emotions in check and visualize each shot. Each factor contributes to the client improving his golf shot and shaving a few strokes off his game.

The Adventurer

A driven business professional is extremely athletic. She pushes herself with activities like snowboarding, rock climbing and skydiving. She enjoys group kickboxing classes, but wants to be pushed harder and faster than group classes allow.

Solution: A one-on-one fitness coach works with the client to design a personalized kickboxing program that challenges this highly-motivated fitness enthusiast. She comes to the Bamboo Kung Fu studio to work with her personal trainer at times that accommodate her busy work schedule. The trainer designs moves that will strengthen the client’s performance in the other sports in which she participates. The client is able to progress as quickly as she’d like, knowing that she will be constantly pushed and challenged by her fitness coach. 

Private Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching

Not every private client is motivated by the convenience of setting his or her own training schedule. Shyness, poor body image, lack of confidence or embarrassment prevents some from enrolling in group fitness classes.

How can the one-on-one coaching services at Bamboo Kung Fu Academy benefit those reluctant to join a group fitness class?

The Reluctant Newbie

Brand new to kung fu and hesitant to participate in a group class, this client fears he won’t be able to keep up with everyone else. He prefers to learn the basics in the privacy of his own home.

Solution: A Bamboo Kung Fu Academy personal fitness coach builds a basic fitness program that builds the client’s foundational knowledge of kung fu. As his ability grows, so does his confidence. The client’s renewed confidence translates to other areas of his life—like work and his dating life.

Weight Loss Client

The client has learned that high intensity interval training is an excellent way to kick start the metabolism and burn fat. She wants to make kickboxing an integral part of her weight loss program. However, as she works toward her goal of being physically fit, she finds it intimidating to work out in a room filled with fit, athletic individuals.

Solution: A certified fitness coach develops a high intensity interval training program that will make working out a fun, effective part of her weight loss program. The fitness coach helps the client stay on track with her nutrition goals and discusses triggers that may lead to emotional eating in the days ahead. The ongoing, personalized support and added accountability enable the client to consistently progress toward her weight-loss goal.

Perhaps the idea of working out one-on-one with a fitness coach seems too intense. Make it a team effort. Working out is more fun with a friend, and a little competition amongst peers can push both to excel. Bamboo Kung Fu Academy allows two people to participate in a private session for the price of one. However, the fitness program will be tailored to the needs of the primary individual.

Our one-on-one coaching clients reap the benefits of a fitness program tailored to their specific needs. They also enjoy the convenience and flexibility of private, in-studio sessions, or sessions conducted in the comfort of their home or office. Best of all, they love the results they see in the mirror and experience in their daily lives.

Want help achieving your fitness goals? Make Bamboo Kung Fu part of your team. Schedule your complimentary session with a certified professional today to get to know your potential instructor and discover whether one-on-one fitness coaching is right for you.

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