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updated on: August 06 2019

Physical Literacy through Kung Fu training

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Movement is an essential part of daily life. There are the fundamental movement skills: running, jumping, kicking, throwing and maintaining balance, which every child must learn in order to enjoy outdoor play with friends or participate in school sports. These basic movements are essential precursors to fundamental sports skills, like kicking a soccer ball, throwing or catching a softball, or serving a tennis ball. Your child's quality of life hinges largely upon his or her ability to master basic movement skills with confidence and competence. Children who master such skills are healthier and well-adjusted. They happily engage in physical play with their friends and enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring nature. They don’t shy away from a game of kickball or street hockey for fear of being picked last. Children who master basic movements and subsequent sports skills are more confident and self-reliant than their less active peers. Sadly, few Canadian children are leading physically fit lifestyles. In fact, according to the Canadian Health Measures Survey, less than ten percent of boys and less than five percent of girls get the recommended sixty minutes of daily activity. What impact is this dangerous trend having on Canadian children? Inactivity among children is a major contributing factor to the current childhood obesity epidemic. According to the Childhood Obesity Foundation, nearly 30% of children are either overweight or obese. Inactive children become inactive adults. Currently, 59% of Canadian adults are also overweight or obese, making them candidates for chronic diseases, like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. On the other hand, children who develop physical literacy are more active. They tend to be happier, healthier and possess a better sense of overall well-being.

What is physical literacy?

Physical literacy gives children the knowledge and confidence necessary to engage in a variety of physical exercises, games and sports: on the ground; in or on water, snow or ice; or even in the air. This confidence and competence not only improves a child’s physical abilities; it contributes to the overall development of the individual.

What benefits will your child gain from developing physical literacy?

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How can you help your child to develop physical literacy?

Provide your child with a variety of options for physical activity that will strengthen his or her basic movement abilities while also instilling confidence and teaching self-discipline. This begins at a very young age by engaging the child in play. Chase him through the yard. Encourage him to climb the playground apparatus. Teach her to throw a ball or ride a bike. All of these activities develop physical literacy and build a child’s confidence. Once your child gets a little older, organized activities can further enhance physical literacy.

Kung Fu Helps Children Develop Physical Literacy

The children's classes at Bamboo Kung Fu School are specially designed to help children as young as six to engage in full body movements. Students participate in fun games and engaging partner activities, based on fundamental martial arts moves. Kung fu can benefit your child whether he or she is a sports-averse wallflower or a professional athlete in the making.At Bamboo Kung Fu we teach the Choi Lee Fut (also known as Choy Li Fut) style of kung fu, which encompasses martial art styles of both Southern and Northern Chinese origins. It incorporates a wide variety of ground-based movements and techniques, like short and long-range punches and kicks. More than 100 individual movements are learned and practiced in set patterns of specific movements, called forms. This highly-effective style of kung fu strengthens joints and muscles while providing a full-body workout. Participation in Choi Lee Fut kung fu also builds the student’s confidence and teaches respect and self-discipline. These essential qualities translate into all areas of your child’s life. Class sizes are kept small, so your child gets the individualized attention he or she requires. Each move is taught in a manner that’s fun and engaging. Yet, careful attention is given to proper technique. This foundational knowledge of how to maintain proper form during basic athletic movements helps to prevent injuries as your child advances in kung fu and as he or she participates in other sports like track, tennis, soccer and basketball. In addition to having fun, your child will also:

Best of all, when taking classes at Bamboo Kung Fu School, your child will derive all of the benefits listed above through fun, play and adventure. Your child’s abilities in kung fu will grow with each success, and so will his or her confidence. Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to help your child become happier, healthier and more confident by building physical literacy? Explore our current class offerings for children age 6-12 and register your child today.


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