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updated on: August 06 2019

Children's kung fu Markham - at Canaan Art Centre

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Benefits of kung fu training to children

Kung fu training provides a lot of benefits to children. Apart from helping the child improve fitness, there many more benefits that each child can get from practising kung fu.

Burn off extra energy, improve focus

Kung fu practice helps children to burn off extra energy. Children have abundance of energy. Kung fu training is a safe and healthy way for them to burn off excess energy. This will help children to stay calm and have better focus in school.

Keep kids away from video games

Today, our children are constantly facing their tablets or phones. According to psychologists, constant long term exposure to electronic media overstimulates the child's brain. The result is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or better known as ADHD. The constant electronic media exposure also causes other psychological disorders ie childhood bipolar disorders.

The various disorders cause issues in cognitive, mood, behavioural, focus, anxiety, social interactions. Children suffering the disorders tend to perform poorly in school, lack perseverance, instructions or order defying attitudes.

Participating in children's kung fu class keeps the child away from electronic gadgets for a while.

Focus, discipline, determination

By practising kung fu, children will experience and develop skills on how to internally deal with staying focused, be disciplined, have determination, have self-control. These are positive habits which are important and will help the child to be successful in school and later translate to attaining achievements over various challenges in their adult life.

Marshmallow Test

The fact has been proven through a 20-year experiment called "marshmallow test". The experiment was led by a Standford University professor in 1960s.

In the experiment, 600 children, ages 4-6 years old, were individually given one sweet treat; a sweet marshmallow or a candy or a cookie. The tester gave the children 2 choices. They could choose to eat the sweet treat immediately upon receiving it or the children could chose to get bigger reward of 2 sweet treats if they can be disciplined enough and wait for 15 minutes before eating the sweet treats.

In follow up studies many years later, children who were able to wait longer tend to have better life outcomes in their adult life.

How does this relate to children's kung fu training?

Children's kung fu classes help train children to have focus and determination. A lot of the movements require the child to have strong will and not to give up; continue to practice until he/she achieve his/her goal. A lot of the challenges in kung fu practices are parallel to adult livelihood challenges.

Physical literacy

Martial arts is one of the best physical activities for children. Its vast repertoire of movements teaches children the ABCs of movements (agility, balance, coordination and speed).

Children's kung fu class helps to develop fundamental movement skills. As the child progress, he/she will move with poise, confidence, competence and know how to adapt their movements in different physical environments (on the ground, indoors and outdoors, in the air, in and on water, on snow and ice).


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