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updated on: January 25 2021

All of us know that physical fitness is an important aspect of healthy living. Unfortunately, life priorities can take over your entire life leaving virtually no time for your physical health. However, when your physical health is at stake, the health that you have taken for granted is now a top priority. We don't need to wait until it becomes an issue. Obviously, it is easier to stay fit at a younger age but, it's never too late to tackle your fitness and health even at an older age.

Bodyweight exercise

Most of us do not know how to use all the machines in commercial gyms. Most of us also do not have expensive exercise machines conveniently available in our homes. So you'll either need to spend some time to research online to learn how to use the exercise machines or have a coach to show you how to use the machines.  These are some of the reasons a lot of people are facing when it comes to building physical fitness

Fortunately, you can have an effective exercise regimen with no need of heavy machines. You can use a lightweight equipment that is portable as exercise equipment.  There are also exercises that your own bodyweight as resistance, one example is push-ups. However, you don't only limit yourselves to just doing push-ups.

In fact, doing one type of exercise only over a long period of time can cause muscle imbalances in your body and potentially can cause chronic injury.

There are many options or forms of exercises which can effectively help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Martial arts fitness training

Practicing martial art is one very good way to improve physical fitness.

Martial arts training is one the best ways  to introduce movements to your body. Most martial arts styles consist of a huge repertoire of movement patterns. You will exercise your entire body, from head to the tip of your toes. You'll move in various angles, multiple axis of movements, i.e. up-down by doing squat butt to ground and jump back upright and try to touch the ceiling, left-right; by rotating your body left to right, forward-backward plane of motion; bending forward and touch your toes and bend backwards as far back as possible.

Martial arts is holistic fitness training program

Energy systems

Our bodies' energy systems are categorized into 3 main metabolic categories: - ATP/CP (Creatine Phosphate)  - example: usually quick explosive motions such as punch, kick,  jump, throw, push, pull, batting a baseball, - glycolytic- 200m sprints, speed skating, running laps around a basketball court, suicide sprints, martial arts sparring rounds, - aerobic - steady state long distance running, long distance swimming, rowing, jump rope, bicycling.

Martial arts training taps into the 3 metabolic systems. However, the nature of martial art practice is more towards the first two metabolic states that we just mentioned; alactic ATP-CP and glycolytic. If you dance around the ring long enough, the body will tap into aerobic metabolism for energy. This is the formula to lose weight and get muscle tone.

Unlike traditional bodybuilding type weight training, you won't build massive amounts of muscles. You will, however, be strong and develop muscle definition, build muscular endurance. Yes, your muscles will feel the burn!  That means that the exercise is effective!

Practicing martial arts keeps your mind engaged. You won't be bored. You need to be focused while executing the techniques. Otherwise, you may get injuries during training. For example, you may injure your wrist if you don't maintain proper technique while punching. The improper technique also can comprise your body leverage.  Knowing how to maximize leverage increases your strength and thus power output.

Body structural balance, agility, coordination

The movements in martial arts are diverse and varied. Your joints will articulate in many different angles. So, your body will not only be limited to only a few movement patterns. The martial arts fitness program will help you to be more flexible, better agility, improve your posture and body structural balance and indirectly improve strength and power.

You are less likely to get injuries. In many cases, practicing martial arts can help reduce or eliminate repetitive stress disorder (RSD). There have been cases in which sciatic nerve have been eliminated from practicing martial arts.

Martial arts fitness training program is one of the best workouts you can find. The diverse and multi-angle movements patterns help our bodies to develop better flexibility, agility, body structural balance. The improved posture and technique developed can maximize  power output. The better technique also minimizes injury risks. While doing the martial arts exercises, the training taps into 3 different metabolic systems to burn off calories.  You will lose weight!

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