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updated on: August 06 2019


Kickboxing for fitness at Bamboo Kung Fu - downtown Toronto location.

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The kickboxing classes are more focused towards challenging you physically, improve your cardio, build stronger core, improve your power, improve your flexibility and agility. However, there is also attention given to technique to ensure that you minimize injury.

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Kickboxing is a fun, dynamic, group workout that gets results. Just ask any of our countless kickboxing students who have witnessed the real benefits of this high-intensity workout for themselves. Weight loss, more energy, a sculpted physique and soaring confidence are a handful of the benefits our students derive.

What makes kickboxing such an effective workout?

Kickboxing is a multidimensional workout that incorporates a wide repertoire of movements. This makes it far more effective than one-dimensional workouts which target a single area of the body. At the Toronto campus of the Bamboo Kung Fu Academy, we offer high-energy kickboxing classes twice a week. Our high intensity interval training (HIIT) kickboxing class is similar to going for three minutes in a boxing ring, with one minute of rest. The combined cardio and anaerobic components of our kickboxing class challenge all of the major muscle groups of the body. This helps to prevent overuse injuries.   Check out the how the  high-intensity interval training (HIIT) kickboxing program benefits your fitness and health and helps you shed the fat.

muhammad ali"Float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee." ~ Muhammad Ali

Kickboxing improves coordination, flexibility and agility. As you learn good body mechanics and proper technique, you’ll become lighter on your feet and better able to react to unforeseen occurrences, reducing the risk of injury during daily activities. The kickboxing instructors at Bamboo Kung Fu Academy are martial arts practitioners. That means you’ll learn proper technique from martial artists with many years of experience in kickboxing and other martial arts. Our knowledgeable instructors will teach you how to safely perform each move, to minimize the potential for injury. Our high-intensity kickboxing class with weight-training component builds and strengthens muscles. You’ll realize the benefits of additional muscle, like more strength and a faster metabolism, without building unwanted bulk. The additional muscle mass, combined with high-energy movements, make kickboxing an excellent method for achieving and maintaining weight loss. But that’s only the beginning when it comes to the many benefits that kickboxing offers.

Did you know ... ?

The chart below shows how kickboxing moves can strengthen and tone your body:

Kickboxing technique Muscles targeted  Other muscles engaged Areas where flexibility is increased
Straight lead / cross over punches Shoulders, triceps, forearms, core muscles Upper back, chest, calf, thigh, buttock Torso
Hook punch Shoulders, forearms, core muscles, chest Upper back, calf, thighs, buttock, biceps, triceps Torso
Body shots Core, chest, upper back, shoulders, forearms Calf, thigh, buttock, triceps, biceps Torso
Upper cuts Calf, thighs, buttock, lower back, core, forearms Shoulders, chest, upper back Torso
Weaving and bobbing Lower and upper back, core, thigh (quads), neck Buttock, calf Torso, neck mobility
Front kicks Lower abdominal (hip flexor muscles), calf Lower and upper back Leg (behind - hamstring), groin
Sidekicks Buttock, core Lower and upper back Groin and hamstring
Round-house kicks Thigh (front-quad), core twisting Lower and upper back Groin and hamstring
Elbows Shoulders, core Upper back, lower back, chest Shoulder rotation
Knees Lower abdominal (hip flexor muscles), core Upper back and lower back Leg (behind hamstring), groin

In addition to the health benefits you'll glean from kickboxing, you'll also learn valuable self-defense moves. As you learn to master explosive kickboxing movements, you’ll learn techniques which allow a smaller person to overtake a larger, stronger opponent. No wonder many of the women who attend our kickboxing classes find them to be empowering. If getting stronger, healthier or more confident is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, kickboxing can help you achieve each of these goals. Bamboo Kung Fu Academy invites you to try a free, trial kickboxing class to experience the benefits for yourself. Then, when you’re ready to start seeing the amazing results that continued participation in our kickboxing classes offer, pick the kickboxing class package that's right for you.

Find out more about health benefits of kickboxing for fitness - Top 8 benefits of Toronto Kickboxing for Fitness Program.

Drew Eastmond, Kickboxing Instructor Says...

This is what Drew has to say about his approach when teaching kickboxing classes:

"I consider myself a very unique and talented instructor, where my kick boxing classes are targeted towards core results. In addition, I combine unique kung fu derived body conditioning. My classes emphasize a total body workout that hit every major muscle groups, cardio, stretching/flexibility, and core strength. Physical conditioning is a very important part of healthy living. Often, l assess each student and will adapt / modify the classes to target weak points that motivate students to enjoy working out on a regular basis. My classes will slowly build upon your current strengths in a structure method. This approach takes a portion of the class dedicated to warming up and stretching, a cardio blitz, targeted strength training, and a final portion dedicated to learning self-defence techniques. The idea is to walk away learning something interesting as new techniques are introduced and reinforced. You don't have to be a pro to join these classes. Class participants come from different levels of experiences; some are beginners while some have some background in martial arts. The classes are fun and entertaining and yet can provide a great environment where you can enjoy yourself with other students. Laughter is very good for stress relieving, and l often emphasize a good vibe that people have come to love. Often, many students who want to get back into the sport [kickboxing] from an excessive hiatus end up feeling lost. I avoid the confusion by providing enough focus. The focus on each student as an individual and group will get everyone up to speed as l have been known to be attentive to each student’s technique. This means guiding exercises, attitudes and habits that give the best bang for buck, and helping students digest what would be confusing, by breaking it down into simple segments. Sometimes using unorthodox means that leave you with a moment of clarity. Martial arts have always been a passion of mine. I take a lot of pride in guiding my students on how to grow in physical prowess and conditioning. I welcome new drop – ins anytime."

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Bamboo Kung Fu Academy - downtown Toronto:

141 Spadina Ave., 2nd floor, Unit 205 (southeast corner of Spadina Ave and Richmond St. West)

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in Toronto, Ontario.