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updated on: March 06 2020

Choy Li Fut kung fu classes

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu (also Choi Lee Fut) is a highly-effective martial art with a rich, storied history. Chan Heung, born in 1806 in King Mui village in Guangdong province in Southern China, created Choy Li Fut by blending the kung fu techniques he learnt from Choy Fook, Li Yau San and his uncle Chan Yuen Woo. Further adaptations were created by Jeong Yim, who learned the art directly from Chan Heung. Later, the Choy Li Fut Kung Fu system was further adapted by Tarm Sam. ting-ji-ma-ping-chui-kung-fu-punchThere are three main branches of Choy Li Fut:

  1. The lineage under Chan Heung is called Hung Sing (雄勝蔡李佛) Choy Li Fut – Heroic Victory Choy Li Fut.
  2. The lineage under Jeong Yim (also nicknamed Jeong Hung Sing by his second teacher, Ching Cho) is called Hung Sing (鴻勝蔡李佛) – Grand Victory Choy Li Fut or Goose Victory Choy Li Fut.
  3. Tarm Sam created the Bak Sing Choy Li Fut (北勝蔡李佛)

Developed over nearly two centuries, Choy Li Fut merges the agile footwork characteristic of martial arts in Northern China with powerful arm movements typical of Southern China and Buddhist Palm Style.

Why We Teach Choy Li Fut Kung Fu at Bamboo Kung Fu Academy

siu-mui-fa-kung-fu-form-poseChoy Li Fut incorporates and enhances the most effective techniques from various styles of kung fu, making it one of the most complete styles. The wide range of individual movements inherent to this style of kung fu provide a complete body workout, offering practitioners outstanding physical and mental benefits. Yet, Choy Li Fut is also quite effective when used for self-defence.

World-renowned martial artist, Bruce Lee once remarked, "Choi Lee Fut is the most effective system that I've seen for fighting more than one person. [It] is one of the most difficult styles to attack and defend against."

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu is characterized by an extensive repertoire of movement patterns which differentiate it from other martial arts.

The unique hand and leg technique elements are what differentiate Choy Li Fut Kung Fu from other martial arts systems. At Bamboo Kung Fu Academy, we dissect the mechanics of the techniques to match the student's strengths while gradually strengthening the weaknesses. We teach our students to master the foundational elements or actions of Choy Li Fut.

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What We Teach Our Students

sandie-level-3-certificate-choy-li-fut-kung-fu-bambooStudents advance from the foundation through the advanced levels as they master the elements and demonstrate the ability to perform each move smoothly, efficiently and with the confidence needed to execute those movements in the real world, if needed. Our commitment to graduating students to the next level based on their level of competence, rather than just their ability to perform the moves, differentiates us from competitors.

Advancement Levels

Foundation:The starting, or foundation level is the most critical level of training. During this stage, students:

Intermediate:  At the intermediate level, students learn essential Choy Li Fut philosophies and strategies while further developing basic techniques. At this stage, students learn how apply their knowledge to combine techniques, stances and footwork while sparring with partners. Some of the combinations learned at the intermediate level include:

Teamwork and respect for others are emphasized at the intermediate level. The knowledge and skills learned are reinforced through the mentoring of junior trainees. Students who graduate from the intermediate level of our program qualify as instructors or coaches.

Advanced Level:Training at the advanced level is integral to lifelong martial arts knowledge. Advanced-level students continue to improve their execution of the core techniques while further applying philosophical knowledge to their practice. Advanced philosophies and concepts drawn from the natural and animal worlds are assimilated into the execution of movements. Senior students also mentor foundation-level students. This strengthens advanced students'; commitment to the proper execution of techniques and further prepares them to be instructors of the art, should they choose this path. Advanced level students:


The Benefits of Practicing Choy Li Fut Kung Fu at Bamboo Kung Fu Academy

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu offers practitioners a host of mental and physical benefits. Students develop increased levels of confidence, focus and determination. During practice, tension, stress and aggression are released, improving mood and reducing anxiety. Friendship and camaraderie develop among trainees. The skills and knowledge derived from Choy Li Fut can be applied strategically in life and business. For this reason, many business professionals and executives practice kung fu to experience the mental and emotional benefits Choy Li Fut Kung Fu brings to their everyday lives. As one would expect of such a complete martial art, Choy Li Fut offers a long list of physical benefits, including:

Mastering Choy Li Fut or any other style of kung fu, is achieved through a long-term commitment to the process. The rate of each student's progress is dependent, in part on how frequently one attends class.


Bamboo Kung Fu Academy makes it easy for our students to get ongoing instruction at a budget-friendly price with our flexible three-month, six-month and twelve-month packages of either unlimited classes or two classes per week. We also offer a six-month, prepaid package of twenty-four classes.

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