Bamboo Kung Fu - Ontario & Toronto Lockdowwn COVID19 restrictions

Our kung fu schools are not holding indoor classes in accordance to Ontario Lockdown and Toronto's additional directive COVID-19 restrictions. We will hold outdoor in-person martial arts classes according to regular schedule with physical distancing procedures. We will also continue to offer interactive online live streaming classes . Please book a FREE trial class Now

Kung fu classes outdoors Fall 2020 season

We are holding kung fu classes outdoors at nearby parks in current Fall 2020 season for as much as we can to maximize safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working on plans to address indoor classes. Please check out our FREE trial classes.

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updated on: April 04 2020

Kung Fu School

Our fighting system is a combination of over 6,000 years of martial arts tradition, further enhanced by modern strength training, flexibility and performance techniques used by elite athletes and Olympians.

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Choy Li Fut Kung Fu classes

Choy Li Fut kung fu is the amalgamation of several ancient kung fu styles of southern and northern China origins. Throughout its history of about 200 years, Choy Li Fut kung fu has undergone developments and refinement into a complete martial arts system.  Practiced by millions worldwide, Choy Li Fut martial art is physically demanding and is an effective martial art.  Its wide repertoire of movements and techniques will improve one's body physical well-being i.e. muscle definition, strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility ~  a great physical activity for losing weight!

Find more and book a free trial of the Choy Li Fut Kung Fu - Classes are located at: 141 Spadina Ave., 2nd floor, Unit 205, Toronto, ON (southeast corner of Spadina Ave and Richmond St.) and 4385 Sheppard Ave East, Unit 13, Scarborough, ON (main intersection: Sheppard Ave East and Brimley Rd -- inside studio)

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Women's self-defence WTNB classes

Women's self-defence WTNB class is an environment which is inclusive for everyone without the jocks attitude. Here's where you can develop yourself physically, mentally, spiritually without being self-conscious of stares from the jocks. The WTNB classes will help improve self-confidence and reduce bullying.

Find out more and book a free trial of the Women's self-defence WTNB classes - Classes are located at: 141 Spadina Ave., 2nd floor, Unit 205, Toronto, ON (southeast corner of Spadina Ave and Richmond St.)

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